We are Grimm Bros, a new indie studio of veteran devs.

Our passion is to create high quality games set in a world of fairy tales with dark humor. We proudly sacrifice our lives to the Elder Gods of RPGs... to bring you yummy RPG goodness to feed your gamer soul!

Randis Albion

Founder and COO of Grimm Bros LLC.
Founder of Toy-golem and HD-Fortress studios.
Award-winning Concept Artist and
world-class Art Director.

Ash Monif

Founder and CEO of Grimm Bros LLC.
Entrepreneur and Executive manager.
Worked at EA, Atari, Bioware/Pandemic,
Subatomic Studios and Human Head Studios.

Randis Albion and Ash Monif have over 15 years of game industry experience, and recently they have decided to combine their talents to found Grimm Bros.