Dragon Fin Soup is a charming, classic console RPG game served up with juicy chunks of Tactical Action, spicy Roguelike flavors, and a side of twisted fairy tales!

"Having left AAA development, the space created by Albion and Monif with Grimm Bros is one of pure passion." --Polygon

"Yes, this isn't for you Disney fans who think fairy tales are all cutesy and sweet. This hearkens back to old-school dark fable madness. And it looks wonderful." --Operation Rainfall

"...it actually feels refreshing to play as a strong young woman who is more scrappy than sexy." --Polygon

"...there's an old-school zelda vibe crossed with tactical combat and crafting. That appeals." --Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"It's a colourful, eye-catching and visually charming game with a story mode (like a normal RPG) and survival mode (permadeath)." -- Euro-Gamer

"What draws most of my attention to Dragon Fin Soup is its beautiful art style, it's simply fantastic, you can't take your eyes off of the screen during conversations among characters and again during combat." --Nerd Farm

"There's lots of great directions to go in DFS just simply from its art." --Nerd Farm

"Dragon Fin Soup uses sex, violence, and a sense of humor to create an RPG that even non-questers will enjoy." -- Busy Gamer Nation

"Well, this isn't like (insert fantasy RPG here) — no matter how you fill in the blanks. Because unless you're in the special room at the video store, I'm pretty sure Red Riding Hood didn't look like this." -- Busy Gamer Nation

"Oh, what wide-eyed innocents we were! How trusting! How naive! How… actually quite pleasant the game does actually look in a new 24-minute gameplay video with developer commentary."Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Asura looks like a nice, vibrant place to be, as long as you don't get stabbed in the back...Gameplay-wise it looks like a more fluid Dungeons of Dredmor, which is certainly a really good thing."Kotaku

"A helping of tactical combat, a dash of random mapping, and a slice of real world story elements mixed in a broth as old as fairy tales themselves." -- The Geek Link

"With destructible environments, and a wide array of weapon and accessory choices, it would seem they are holding all the necessary ingredients for a great system." -- The Geek Link

"The game itself is a top-down adventure RPG featuring roguelike elements, but it's driven by story just as much as it's driven by exploration." -- Indie Game Insider

"Dragon Fin Soup isn’t trying to start a revolution, but it is bringing the nostalgia factor and blending it with modern gameplay and a ton of humor. Although the demo came from an alpha build, it felt like something very promising. If the team keeps its humorous approach along with fun gameplay, this will be one to watch."MMORPG

"Dragon Fin Soup is definitely an attempt to help make the Grimms' favorite anecdotes harsh once more." -- NMGamers